Private Preschool
It’s never too early to instill a love of learning. Our private preschool curriculum provides a welcoming, safe, fun environment that tailors the educational experience to each child. Our Las Vegas private school provides a place where children build confidence in themselves and their abilities as learners.  Our private preschool curriculum fosters cognitive, social, emotional, creative and physical development.

Our preschool program begins around age three once the child is potty trained. Preschool includes three year-olds and four year-olds. Our pre-k program includes four year-olds and some five year-olds.

Learning and Development
  • Phonics and reading
  • Math concepts and skills
  • Social studies and science
  • Health and safety
  • Fine motor skills
Physical Development
  • Gross motor skills
  • Body movement
Social and Emotional Development
  • Activities that stimulate individual curiosity
  • Social interaction such as sharing, peer relations and respect
Creative Development
  • Artistic activities such as music, rhythm, dance, dramatization and drawing
Contact Us
Please contact Admissions at 702.818.2100.