High School Curriculum - AP offerings

The foundation of our high school curriculum is our Academic Plan, with even more opportunity for personalized and differentiated learning. 

Our secondary school expands on our STEAM offerings and provides students with multiple Advanced Placement class options. 

Our private high school program is designed to prepare our students for a demanding and productive college experience, as well as the exciting opportunities that await them in the careers of tomorrow.


Our “balanced and robust” course offerings are heavier in the five areas of  – Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics.

We offer “tracks” within some of these, for those students who exhibit a particular passion or talent for a focused area of study.  

Some examples include:

  • A Programming track or an Electronics & Engineering track within the subject areas of Technology and Engineering,

  • A Visual Arts track, Musician track or an Acting track within the subject area of the Arts.

Interwoven within these STEAM offerings are Advanced Placement courses in most subject areas: from English to History, from Mathematics to Science to Spanish, and beyond.  

AP courses allow students to study at a higher level than most other high school students and, upon passage of an AP exam, earn either college placement or credit.

Click on the image below to view an example of potential Freshman year offerings at HIS.

Freshman Year Offerings

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AP courses allow a student to specialize in a specific area of study and develop enhanced critical thinking and research skills. 


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