Lower School Curriculum

1st-5th Grade Core Academics

Henderson International School’s elementary school curriculum gives students a personalized, rigorous curriculum that develops their ability to become: 

  • Lifelong learners
  • Avid readers and effective writers through English courses
  • Creative mathematicians
  • Inquisitive scientists via science and technology classes
  • Versatile artists

Physical education, Spanish, and social studies round out the rich spectrum of our students’ weekly academic experiences.

Our private elementary school curriculum provides students with rich opportunities for intellectual, creative, physical, emotional and social growth. We emphasize hands-on exploration and meaningful problem-solving in an engaging, stimulating environment that is both challenging and supportive.

Elementary School Child Development

Intellectual discovery and critical thinking are vital parts of the HIS elementary school curriculum. We nurture natural curiosity by encouraging students to ask and respond to meaningful Essential Questions, and then give students the tools and resources they need to begin to discover, or uncover, their own answers. In this way, the elementary school curriculum builds their critical thinking and high-order reasoning skills, along with their ability to become independent learners ready to succeed and flourish in our Middle School.

Whether it’s cultural studies that encourage learning foreign languages or cognitive lessons that emphasize high order reasoning, our elementary school development and curriculum is geared toward teaching students about teamwork, empathy, problem-solving and to be curious about the world around them. 

Our Las Vegas private elementary school is a vibrant community that promotes growth, celebrates achievement, and feels like family. The lower school curriculum is focused on educating the whole child, laying the foundation for academic success in secondary school, and creating confident young learners who look forward to the challenges of school every day.

Art Curriculum 

Our mission is to nurture the skills necessary for students’ success in the next generation: critical thinking, problem-solving and global understanding. A strong art curriculum is an important part of our program, instilling creativity and multi-dimensional thinking in our students via individual artistic expression. 

Musicianship is a flagship program at Henderson International School for all first, second and third graders. The class is a basic introduction to violin and vocalization, and is taught by a specialized teacher twice per week. Students learn to read music, proper posture and performance skills, and train their ears to identify pitch. Henderson International School uses violin as a general music tool, which provides ancillary benefits of increased math scores and acquisition of foreign language.

Once they reach fourth grade, students explore instruments in the brass, woodwind and percussion families. Fourth-grade students also have one trimester of musical theater, focusing on acting, singing and dancing. These exploratory classes prepare students for focused middle school study of the arts. 

All lower school students also go to the arts studio once per week for visual art class. Lower school students have the benefit of using our kiln to create 3D art, as well as recycled art and other co-curricular projects designed to reinforce global awareness and cultural studies.

Physical Education 

As part of Henderson International School’s dedication to providing physical education activities, all HIS students in kindergarten through 8th grade attend physical education class three times per week. 

Physical education is an important part of whole child development in both elementary and middle school. Exercise has proven benefits for classroom performance, and physical movement helps form new brains cells, increases positive body image and enhances students’ experience with social interaction. 

We begin each year with a baseline fitness gram test, which includes physical education activities such as situps, pushups, flex arm or modified pull-ups and a PACER test. Progress in these areas is tracked throughout the year. Middle school students learn about muscle groups and the differences in cardio and strength exercises, basic hygiene skills, and decision-making with regards to food choices and social situations. 

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