Nevada Educational Choice Scholarship

The Nevada Educational Choice Scholarship Program is an income-based program for families seeking scholarship money to attend a private school, including Henderson International School.

Families that are within 300% of the poverty level are encouraged to apply.

For example a family of two (one parent, one child) must earn less than $48,060. A family of three must earn less than $60,480. 

A calculator is provided on the website below, to assist you.

To find out if you qualify, you can visit the link below:

There are several scholarship organizations that will handle applications, as they all have different requirements, please contact the scholarship oganizations directly.

To receive a list of all organizations, click onto the homepage for the website above, simply click the orange tab on the right hand side of the page; Scholarship Organizations. Here you will see listed all organizations and the forms you need to complete.

We look forward to welcoming your student at Henderson International School.

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