Private School Tuition and Fees

At Henderson International School, students discover and pursue their passions across academics, visual and performing arts and community service. Students will experience an engaging, personalized educational experience from preschool through high school, and Henderson combines the premier aspects of a top-choice college-preparatory education with an advanced approach to preparing students for tomorrow’s global challenges.

Located in Henderson, Nevada, our 14-acre campus includes an indoor gymnasium, football/soccer field, baseball/softball diamonds, heated swimming pool, outdoor sport court and playground areas. Academic facilities include two classroom buildings, a band and violin room, three science labs, art studios, a Mac lab, and our Black Box Theater known as The Gallery.

Our private school tuition and fees includes books and all materials and activities such as school supplies, workbooks, e-resources, field trips, yearbook, fall school picture package, sports, morning care, and on campus school activities.

There are additional fees for catered lunch, uniforms, optional overnight trips, afterschool care and optional private lessons and/or tutoring.


Henderson International School offers scholarships, which are awarded annually upon on a review of the applicant’s Scholarship essay; supporting materials from the scholarship committee; the applicant’s interview with the scholarship committee; the applicant’s admissions application; and acceptance to class. Scholarships are contingent upon the availability of scholarship funds.

Students must complete the admissions process and submit the Scholarship application and materials for full consideration. Scholarships will be awarded by a confidential committee whose decisions are final. 

How to Apply to Henderson International School

We welcome your child's application for enrollment, here is a step-by-step guide on how to apply to Henderson International School.

Step 1: Take a tour of the campus (optional). You may call 702.818.2100 to schedule an appointment or complete the online inquiry form.

Step 2: Apply for admission online.

Step 3: Schedule your child's shadow day. Early Childhood students will participate in a morning session. Lower school and middle school students take reading, writing and math assessments during their shadow day. High school students will attend an interview and complete assessments. The Admissions office will contact you to schedule this visit.

Step 4: Meet with administration to review shadow day and complete enrollment. 

Applications can be submitted online. The requirements and deadlines toward admission vary by grade level. Please select your child's grade level below to start the process:

  • Preschool -  Preschool (Ages 3-4), Pre-K (Ages 4-5) and Kindergarten
  • Lower School - Grade 1 Through Grade 5
  • Middle School - Grade 6 Through Grade 8
  • High School - Grades 9 & 10. (Grade 11 will be introduced for the school year 2020-2021).

The admissions process is ongoing. Applications are accepted year-round on a rolling-admission and space-available basis. Visit our admissions page for full details on the application process.

Private School Tuition and Fees

Tuition Payment Options

Tuition payment options include an annual payment or monthly payment. Sibling discounts are available for the second and subsequent children. 

Private School Tuition Assistance

Henderson International School understands that individual economic circumstances vary. We value you and your child as part of our school community, and we are committed to providing limited amounts of tuition assistance as needed. Within the limits of available funds, HIS seeks to provide tuition assistance to qualified students. The Tuition Assistance Committee reviews the student’s grades, character, and disciplinary records.

Tuition Assistance awards are based on the financial aid need of the family

The school’s policy for determining financial aid need is based on the principle that both parents are responsible for the support and educational expenses of their children. When students apply for financial aid, we consider the assets of both parents, if living, before making the award.

If the custodial parent has remarried, we will consider the assets of the step-parent, taking into consideration the obligations to his or her natural children.

Returning students are given preference, providing they meet all deadline dates. A family receiving tuition assistance must reapply each year and meet all the guidelines set forth by the Tuition Assistance Committee.

Student must be accepted before the financial aid request will be processed. This entire process is confidential.

Financial aid available for assistance is limited. For more information, please contact the business office at or call 702.818.2100.

Henderson International School Tuition and Fees



EC Half                   $11,000 - Available for school year 2019-2020.

EC Full                    $14,400

Kindergarten           $18,500

1st Grade                $18,500

2nd Grade               $18,500

3rd Grade                $18,500

4th Grade                $18,900

5th Grade                $18,900

6th Grade                $19,350

7th Grade                $19,750

8th Grade                $20,000

9th Grade                $25,000

10th grade               $25,000

11th grade               $25,000

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