Scholarships are awarded annually to support our schools vision.

Students must complete the admissions process and submit the Scholarship application and materials for full consideration.

Scholarships will be awarded by a confidential committee whose decisions are final.  

Scholarships will be awarded based on a review of the applicant’s Scholarship essay and supporting materials by the scholarship committee, the applicant’s interview with the scholarship committee, the applicant’s admissions application and acceptance to class, and the availability of scholarship funds.

The committee reserves the right to award scholarships earlier than the application deadline in cases where the application clearly warrants early consideration. The school reserves the right to extend the Scholarship application deadline based on the quality of applications received and availability of funds.

The acceptance of the scholarship award is a binding agreement between the school and the family to support the student’s endeavors in the area of study for which the scholarship is provided.  Scholarship recipients commit to collaboration (not competition) with our students and faculty.

Available Scholarships

Scholarship submissions must include an essay describing the applicant’s interest in the selected subject area and include at least one subject-specific goal for the academic year. Applicants may submit up to three examples of supporting materials; e.g. videos, photos, digital files, documents, websites or portfolio selections.

HIS Science Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded to students who demonstrate a strong interest and aptitude for a single scientific discipline or multiple scientific disciplines. Applicant must submit materials that prove his/her ability to use the Scientific Method: formulate an important question, do background research, construct a hypothesis, test that hypothesis, gather/analyze data to draw a conclusion, and communicate the results.

HIS Technology Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded to students who demonstrate innovative uses of technology, contributions to the tech field, experience and proficiency in logic and computational thinking, and strong interest or achievement in programming, 3D modeling, coding or similar disciplines. Scholarships will be awarded based on examples of previous work or compelling design concepts. Applicant must detail his/her exact role and contribution to the projects that are submitted as supporting material.

HIS Engineering Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded to students who demonstrate a strong interest in research and design, an aptitude for critical thinking, problem-solving and analytical skills. Applicant must submit materials that prove his/her ability to use the Engineering Design Process: define a problem, do background research, specify requirements, brainstorm solutions, choose the best solution, do development work, build a prototype, then test and redesign. Applicants are encouraged to submit examples of previous engineering projects with descriptions of the engineering challenges.

HIS Arts Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded to students who demonstrate significant achievement in any of the following areas: visual arts, media arts, theater performance, theater stagecraft, or instrumental arts. Applicant must submit visual portfolio or performance video. Instrumentalists’ and vocalists’ submissions require accompaniment. Stagecraft submissions may include a portfolio of images for set design, lighting or other production activities and/or video of live audio production or stage direction of final performances or rehearsals. Auditions and/or interviews are required for all finalists.

HIS Mathematics Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded to students who demonstrate exceptional ability in high-level mathematics courses. High standardized test scores and math teacher recommendations with coursework details are required for this award. Applicants must also include a written piece describing what they hope to pursue in mathematics in their future educational careers. Finalists may be asked to discuss or attempt to solve math challenges during the interview.

How to Apply

Complete the High School Application with all supporting documents.

  • Recent report card and official transcript

  • Official score report for ERB, SSAT, PSAT, SAT or ACT

  • Three letters of recommendation (current Math teacher and Language Arts Teacher, and one other credible non-relative source, preferably discipline-related)

  • Legal identification and health records

  • I20 required documentation and English as foreign language test scores (TOEFL) if applicable (international students)

Complete the Scholarship form and upload supporting documents.

  • Submit an essay describing your interest, accomplishments and goals along with supporting materials.

  • Attend a shadow day with the current grade level class.

  • Attend an interview with the High School Principal and faculty.

Scholarships will be reviewed and renewed each year based on academic evaluation and community engagement.


Scholarships are designed to:

  • attract students with high aptitude 

  • engage our learning community in developing high level programs, centered around exercising our students’ critical thinking and real-world problem-solving

  • augment all aspects of our secondary school programs

Students who contribute leadership and a high level of scholastic achievement will have an opportunity to renew their scholarships for up to four (4) years of secondary school.


Scholarships can be used in combination with need-based tuition assistance or other financial incentives e.g. Founders discount, sibling discount, or early-pay incentives.


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