2017-2018 Tuition and Fees

Grade Tuition Instructional
Trip Fee
Pre-School (5-Day) Half-Day $9,800 $550 $450 $10,800
Pre-School (5-Day) Full-Day $12,900 $700 $500 $14,100
Kindergarten - Third Grades $16,500 $975 $625 $18,100
Fourth Grade $16,500 $975 $1,050 $18,575
Fifth - Sixth Grades $16,900 $825 $1,250 $18,975
Seventh Grade $17,300 $825 $1,250 $19,375
Eighth Grade  $17,300 $825 $1,500 $19,625

There is also a one time matriculation fee of $400 for new families.

*If unable to pay tuition and fees by July 1, financing is available.

Tuition and fees for the 2018-19 school year will be posted in January, 2018.

For Freshman 2018-19 tuition and fees, please visit our Freshman Application page.

Tuition Assistance

Henderson International School understands that individual economic circumstances vary. We value you and your child as part of our school community, and we are committed to providing limited amounts of assistance as needed.

Within the limits of available funds, HIS seeks to provide tuition assistance to qualified students. The Tuition Assistance Committee reviews the student’s grades, character, and disciplinary records.

Assistance awards are based on the financial need of the family.

The school’s policy for determining financial need is based on the principle that both parents are responsible for the support and educational expenses of their children. We consider the assets of both parents, if living, before making the award.

If the custodial parent has remarried, we will consider the assets of the step-parent, taking into consideration the obligations to his or her natural children.

Returning students are given preference, providing they meet all deadline dates. A family receiving tuition assistance must reapply each year and meet all the guidelines set forth by the Tuition Assistance Committee.

Student must be accepted before the financial aid request will be processed. This entire process is confidential. 

Monies available for assistance are limited. For more information, please contact the business office at or call 702.818.2122.

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