Aquatics Program

Aquatics at Summit Ridge Day Camp

Aquatics Director: Gail Shire

Safety is always our first priority.

Here is an outline of how we manage the pool at Summit Ridge Day Camp:

  1. There will be at least 4 Red-Cross Certified Lifeguards on duty at all times.

  2. A counselor from each group will help escort the campers to and from the locker rooms or bathrooms to the pool area. (Two or three groups swim at the pool during the 45 min. block of time.)

  3. Campers and counselors use boys and girls locker rooms and nearby bathrooms to change for pool. We encourage campers to do their best to maintain their personal privacy while still changing for pool in a timely manner. Campers are encouraged to wear their suits under their clothes for a quicker change.

  4. Campers will bring their own towel to the pool deck and wait in the shade until the majority of the group is out of the locker rooms. (Counselors will help campers reapply a sunscreen spray that we will provide at this time.)

  5. Please apply a generous amount of sunscreen before camp begins. If applied properly, will last 8 hrs.

  6. Lifeguards will review the pool rules and the whistle signals with the campers before each swim block.

  7. Every camper will be swim tested before they may enter the pool for the first time.  Our team of certified lifeguards individually assess each camper’s swimming abilities and indicates their level of safety with one of our two colored wristbands.  Passing will require a camper to swim with confidence 25 yards, without touching the bottom, and taking at least 1 breath while swimming and to tread water for one minute.  

  8.  Campers who do not pass the swim test with confidence will receive a RED colored swim band and will only be permitted to swim in the shallow end. Campers can choose to be retested throughout the summer.

  9. Counselors will collect swim bands at the end of each swim block to keep bands from being lost.

  10. We will sink platforms in the shallow end to make “islands” where campers can play and feel safe.

  11. We will provide a Coast Guard certified life vest for inexperienced swimmers who are going into K, and 1st grade. Pre-K Campers will not swim and instead participate in water play on most camp days.

  12. We do not provide swim instruction during the pool block. Campers enjoy 40 minutes of “Free Swim Time”.

  13. Counselors and C.I.T.s swim with their campers every day.

  14. We do not force any campers to swim, however we do encourage every camper to participate. Those who do not wish to swim can sit under the shade during their scheduled pool block.

  15. The pools schedule is subject to change.  Please contact the Aquatics Director Gail Shire at if you are interested in before or after campswim instruction.

Our Campers LOVE to Swim!
Happy Campers at the pool!

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