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If you are searching for a private school in Las Vegas, chances are you are looking for more than just an intense focus on college prep academics. If you are looking for a balanced, well-rounded approach to education, complete with visual and performing arts, athletics, technology, international studies and a full array of STEAM electives, then Henderson International School is the Las Vegas private school for your child.

Henderson International School offers a personal, global learning experience for students in preschool, elementary, and middle school with the addition of high school grades beginning in Fall 2018.

Not all private schools in Las Vegas are alike. Your child deserves a school that is as remarkable and unique as she is. Schedule a tour with us today!

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Quick Facts

  • Henderson, NV USA
  • 14 acre campus
  • Preschool (3 yrs) - 9th grade (beginning Fall 2018)
  • School community representing over 30 countries
  • Personalized learning plan for each student
  • AP courses and AP Capstone Diploma
  • Dual, Global AdvancED Accreditation

Our Stories

“The #1 benefit is the "personalized learning plan" where the teacher works with the parents to identify areas of improvement for each individual child, because each subject is not one-size-fits-all. I love the "specials" that my daughter never had before like music, art, science lab, Spanish and PE. I also...” read more

- Jen Grant, Current Middle School Parent

“When considering a school for our daughters six years ago, the quality of the education was the primary concern for my partner and me as parents. But for our family, of equal importance was the sense of community and a welcoming environment. With Henderson International School, we had a feeling...” read more

- John Pinocci, Current Middle School Parent

“From the drone competition and 3D printing to providing violin lessons, Henderson International is teaching students the critical thinking skills necessary to enter professions that have not yet been created and to use technology that has not yet been invented.”

- Erika A. Christensen '04, Director of Development, UNLV

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Teacher Highlight

"In the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years." - Abraham Lincoln We are so pleased to announce that John Fogal has joined HIS in a new role - Director of Student Experience. Mr. Fogal will oversee our social/emotional curriculum and other non-academic aspects of our students' daily school life. He will serve as a counselor to our students, setting behavior expectations, social/emotional supports, and handling discipline issues, all aligned to our Responsive Classroom approach with a focus on Positive Behavior Support. He will work closely with teachers and students on a daily basis, and in close collaboration with Mr. Ahlborn and Mr. Heffron. Mr. Fogal has been teaching young people for most of his adult life: as a sports coach, pastor, youth director, and volunteer and director of local non-profits. Most recently, John has been our After School Club Director. John’s calm and consistent demeanor, and his ability to listen well and help students navigate through the various issues that they face in their school lives, makes him a wonderful fit for HIS and the dynamic growth ahead of us. With 17 years of experience in education, he is excited for this new role. Mr. Fogal graduated with dual bachelor degrees in Ministry Leadership/Counseling and Business Administration at Crown College in St. Bonafacius, Minnesota. He is really looking forward to helping students, working with teachers, cheering at games, watching performances, and living the dream every day! We asked him to describe his favorite memory as an educator, and prepare yourself for this one, we couldn't stop laughing. "I stopped to chat with a student in the hallway and the student asked if it will be a long conversation, " he said. "When I asked him why he needed to know, he replied in this slow, nasally voice 'because long conversations give me gas!.' Be sure to ask Mr. Fogal about this story when you see him, because his impersonation is the best. Mr. Fogal says the reason he enjoys working in education is simple. "Kids are cool because they have a whole life in front of them," he said. "I just want to do my part to help prepare them to live, to lead, and to make a difference in the world that will someday be their responsibility." That is exactly what he brings into his educational philosophy, following the wise words of John Wooden, "young people need models, not critics". Mr. Fogal is always busy outside of school as well. Quite simply "baseball is life!" When asked if he has any pets, he says "No, just two sons (which is "WAY better!") Mr. Fogal has been to 49 of the 50 states. So guess which state is on his bucket list? Alaska!

Meet Mr. Fogal, Director of Student Experience

Student Highlight

People always look at me sideways when I tell them that Newt, our desert tortoise, has a very big personality. It's really true though. No, seriously.  He hustles for food (hilarious to watch and never gets old). He eats everything we plant for him even before we can get it into the ground. It took the students twenty minutes to dig this hole and plant these shamrocks, and he mowed them over in less than five minutes. But we think he took his antics to a new level this week when he decided to punch a hole right through the side of his burrow. Okay we admit, that dirt looks really soft and damp and cool, and digging in it is probably really fun on a hot June afternoon in the Las Vegas valley. But.... NEWT! Our middle school kids spent literally MONTHS building that burrow this past school year. The class, which was led by 8th grader Lynus, worked from August through April getting wildlife permits, securing materials, and doing manual labor to construct the habitat.  We think he is probably really enjoying his new home and likely loves the opportunity to plow right through the nice soil that the students kindly piled on top of his burrow. But you know what, Newt's right. If you're an endangered desert tortoise living in a habitat created entirely by middle school students, and you know that the STEAM elective is wildly popular and the students will be back this August with more delicious shamrocks and tons more dirt for you to dig in -- hey, why not enjoy it?! This next school year, our middle school students will clean out the habitat, plant new tortoise-approved snacks, and install a "Newt-Cam" so we can watch his shenanigans from any digital device with web access. Our 18-19 high school freshman class has some neat ideas to integrate even more technology into Newt's dream retreat. (think thermostats and automated climate control devices and watering systems!) At the end of the day, the whole point of our middle school STEAM elective is to teach students that captive desert tortoises are rescued by environmental groups because the urban sprawl of the Mojave Desert has left this prehistoric species fighting certain extinction. We are so fortunate that our school was tasked with being Newt's custodial guardian for the remainder of his very long life (probably another 70 years). Our enormous respect for our planet and all manners of life that live here, plus the legacy left by the future generations that are taught here at HIS, makes it our great honor to provide Naughty Newt with the best life a desert tortoise could possibly experience. So dig away, my friend! See you all in the Fall, middle school students! Newt has plenty for you to do! "Thanks HIS! The kids here totally rock. Please plant more shamrocks when you get a chance." ~ Newt  

Newt's News (summer update - naughty Newt)

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