Jan 21, 2022

Early Childhood Develop Global Connections

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According to many education experts, establishing global connections in the classroom has many benefits. We already live in a society where technology makes it easier to connect with each other. At Henderson International, we are preparing our youngest learners to communicate with others around the globe. 

Our PreK students are engaging in a Virtual Global Awareness project with a preschool named Bright Sparks, located in West Yorkshire, England. 

As part of this project, Henderson International School mailed a gift box to Bright Sparks representing Henderson, Nevada and the USA. In return, Bright Sparks sent our students a gift box containing items representing Yorkshire, England and the United Kingdom. 

Students on both sides of the pond enjoyed opening their boxes while communicating remotely via Zoom. The UK gifts included a rugby jersey, English tea bags, locally manufactured sweets (candy) along with a letter and drawings created by the students. 

Even though we are 5,500 miles apart, and with an 8 hour time difference, the two classes enjoyed getting to know each other and discovering the differences between countries. 

Thank you to Ms. Cat Brown, Bright Sparks Project Coordinator, for her collaboration and for sharing her passion for developing global citizens.

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