1-2-3 Potatoes

March 09, 2017

PreK students are learning about Ireland in celebration of St. Patrick’s Day on March 17th! They are using potatoes, one of Ireland’s most famous foods, to do a fun Math project involving the strand of Measurement.

The students brought potatoes to school last week. We are currently estimating and comparing all of the potatos' weights and lengths using non-standard items such as cubes and using a classroom scale for weight measurement. So far Fischer has the longest and heaviest potato in the class and he is quite excited! We are also going to observe the potatoes for the next couple of weeks to see if they grow eyes! We will in turn count the eyes and see which potato has the most. This activity involves another Math strand: Numeracy! 

This fun project is a perfect example of an engaging, hands-on activity for our young students! 

-Ms. Lizette Fiumara, EC Team Leader

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