Fractional Me's

April 06, 2017

Our MakersLab is the perfect environment for engaging our 4th grade math differentiation groups. This week we created “Fractional Me’s” using one-inch construction paper squares and glue. The students could use as many colors as they desired to design a caricature of themselves, the more colorful and creative the better! The next step was for the students to then use this artwork to support their learning of fractions.  They counted the total number of squares used in their design to determine the denominator.

Next, they counted the number of squares of each color to determine numerators, thereby finding what fraction of the whole each color represented. We extended our learning by simplifying the fractions, then converting them to decimals and percentages. This hands-on experience was a nice example of cross-curricular learning, bringing together Art with Math.

Check out our “Fractional Me’s” on display in the upstairs elementary hallway!

-Becky Wagner, Learning Support Team Leader

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