Healthy Eating for the Whole Family

September 05, 2018

henderson international school healthy eating

Written By: Anya Willis


Healthy eating can be difficult, especially if you have kids; it’s hard to focus on a well-balanced diet when there are always snacks around. That’s why it’s so important to make sure the entire family is eating meals that are full of vitamin-rich vegetables and fruits, as well as healthy snacks that are packed with protein. It can be quite a transition to change everyone’s diet dramatically, so it’s best to start working new foods into the rotation slowly so that the entire family has time to get used to them.

It will also be helpful to know the best ways to prepare your meals. Grilling is one of the healthiest ways to cook meats, but you can also throw veggies on the fire, too. Learn how to make the most of each ingredient, such as steaming vegetables to retain their nutritional value.

Keep reading for some great tips on how to prepare healthy meals for the entire family.


Replace old favorites with veggies

It’s still possible to eat all the things you love and live a healthy lifestyle; sometimes, you just have to get creative. Replacing some of the less nutritious ingredients with veggies or whole grains, for instance, will help you and your family eat well without sacrificing taste. Cauliflower can substitute potatoes, while brown rice and whole grain bread or pasta is a much better choice than those made with white flour. Look for creative ways to sub in healthier items, especially in casseroles or flavorful dishes where they won’t be missed.


Fire up the grill

Once this Las Vegas heat cools down, using the grill is a great way to make your meals a little healthier, especially if you’re eating meats. Grilling allows the fat from a cut of steak or hamburger to drip away, leaving you with a leaner option than frying or broiling, which keeps the fat and grease close to the meat. In many areas of the country, you can grill for the better part of the year; just be careful, especially if you have a gas grill. Always check the hoses and connections to ensure there are no blockages, and keep the grill well away from the house while it’s on. For some great tips on how to stay safe while grilling, read on here.


Plan ahead

Planning ahead is one of the keys to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Not only will you need to write out a shopping list--and stick to it--you might consider preparing meals ahead of time as well. Casseroles, soups, and side dishes are fairly easy to whip up on a Sunday night and freeze so you can reheat them on a busy weeknight. This will keep you from stopping to get fast food when no one feels like cooking.


Watch your sodium intake

When reading labels, many people pay attention to the calories, carbs, and sugars in a food, but fail to realize just how much sodium they’re taking in. Too much sodium can put you at risk for high blood pressure and even strokes, so it’s important to make sure there’s not too much salt in your food. If you like things well-flavored, look for a healthier option, such as a low-sodium seasoning, fresh herbs or spices, or green onions.


Healthy eating for the entire family doesn’t have to be a stressful endeavor. Learning how to season your foods, how to choose the right ingredients, and how to read labels will help you make better choices, which will in turn help your loved ones in the long run.

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