HIS and the Summer Math Workshop!

July 06, 2017


Here's one way to beat the heat this summer! Our summer academy kicked off last week, and these kids are keeping cool while sharpening their math skills. 

Last week, we focused on place value and numeracy.  We did a review of place value concepts including: modeling numbers, expanded notation, comparing numbers, and rounding. In addition to reviewing these concepts as a group, students also played games that reinforced those skills.  We also started working on addition, subtraction, and for the older group, multiplication, during small group time.

We also had a few Number Talks last week.  Number Talks are a way to build computational fluency. Students are given a problem on the board and have to solve it using mental math.  Then, they have to share their strategy with the class, which is a great way for them to communicate their thinking.  Number Talks also provide students a chance to think flexibly with numbers and also show that a variety of strategies can all lead to the same answer.  We’ll continue to have Number Talks throughout our summer workshop.

Students also used technology to continue to practice their math skills.  They’ve been working on MobyMax Math and also using Xtra Math as a way to review and also make sure their computational skills are solid.

We're back in session next week, and we will move on to operations.  We’ll do a quick review of addition and subtraction and then start to move into multiplication and division. The younger group will focus on addition and subtraction. 

Hope you all enjoyed the holiday! See you back on campus next week! ~ Mrs. Johnson


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