Living History

March 16, 2017

The Living History Museum, which was last Friday, was where all fourth graders chose a specific historical figure and became them. For example: patriots, explorers, entertainers, and much more.

All students had to research date of birth, date of death, and their life story. After that you had to make a rough draft of a timeline and then do a final draft. The speech came next. For the presentation all students needed to make a speech. In the speech we had to explain our life story. We also had to memorize it. Mrs. Petrelli helped us memorize our speech. She also helped with projection and gestures while we said our speech. After working on our speech we wrote our essay. The essay was kind of like our speech but with more detail. It had the person's life story but it described more than our speech. 

When the essay was all typed up we worked on our boards. The boards had the person's name in bold letters, a main picture, the timeline, more pictures, facts, quotes, and all of this was about the person. At home you also had to find a costume that looked somewhat like the character that you were presenting. Finally, you had to make a Keynote on the iPad that had pictures and some facts and quotes about the person.

On the day of the Museum everyone was nervous. But all the hard work everyone put in showed! Everyone had to do a pose and visitors pressed the START button, then you gave your speech. Overall the Living History Museum was a huge success! It was a great experience.

-Olivia, 4th grade student           

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