New vaccination requirements for Fall 2017

July 07, 2017

Kindergarteners are required to update their final round of childhood vaccinations prior to starting school in Fall 2017. These can be done by your pediatrician, or at a local back to school fair, the Southern Nevada Health District, or another healthcare provider. 

All students entering 7th grade are required to receive a new vaccine, the MCV4 Meningococcal vaccine, prior to starting school on Aug. 21. All 7th graders also need a Tdap booster. 

Walmart Neighborhood Pharmacy nurses will be on our campus to give the MCV4 and Tdap boosters to 7th graders during orientation on Friday, Aug. 18 from 8-10 am and 3-5 pm.

Anyone over the age of ten can receive these vaccines during the orientation if they want them. Students in grade 8 or higher are not required to have this vaccine, but are welcome to get it. You must bring your medical insurance card to orientation if you want them to bill your insurance. 

The MCV4 is new this year, and the NV Health Department will be checking our files for compliance. Therefore we will be reviewing and updating all of our students' records before the start of school. Your child must be in compliance or have relevent exemptions or conditional status to start school on Aug. 21.

You can check if your child is up to date by visiting the Nevada webIZ portal here: NV WebIZ

Your pediatrician can help answer questions about these requirements. You may send your updated vaccination records to



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