Private Elementary School

Your child will enjoy personalized, engaging curriculum as a student at our private elementary school in Henderson, NV. 

Private Elementary School


From 1st grade through 5th grade, our private elementary school (also known as lower school) empowers students to be independent thinkers and confident decision makers who are excited to learn. Our stimulating, nurturing environment helps children grow cognitively, socially, physically and creatively.

At HIS private elementary school in Las Vegas, students will receive excellent academics and a personalized learning experience. We customize the academic experience for our students and their families through differentiated instruction, small-group instruction and small class sizes, teaching to various learning modalities and intelligences, student-choice, and through our Personalized Learning Plans (PLPs). Our Personalized Learning Plans offer students a sense of ownership as they embark on their journey to academic enrichment and personal development.

We want our elementary school students to be able to:

  • Monitor their own learning and measure their own progress
  • Communicate well, both orally and in writing
  • Work collaboratively with peers to solve problems and innovate
  • Take intellectual risks
  • Think critically
  • Empathize
  • Self-advocate
  • Take responsibility for their choices
  • Use technology to create, communicate, and collaborate
  • Express themselves artistically
  • Develop a love of learning

We believe that students need more than an academic education to succeed, they also need personal development opportunities. Our social/emotional curriculum helps students develop into organized, caring and respectful young adults. We teach our students interpersonal skills that they can carry with them throughout their lives. Each classroom begins with Morning Meeting, designed to build a sense of community, belonging and collaboration in the classroom. Our teachers help students develop 21st-century skills through project-based activities and hands-on, real-world experiences that require problem-solving, critical thinking and exposure to different cultures.

Teachers use brain-based pedagogy (method of teaching based on the latest scientific research on how the brain processes information) to maximize students’ collective potential while helping individual children achieve personal academic goals. The advanced curriculum helps students continuously surpass state and national averages on standardized tests.

Our elementary school program also begins the journey of global awareness for our students, teaching them to think deeply and critically about the world around them and some of the difficult issues that humans and our planet face. International Week, STEAM Week, visual arts, music, social studies, and Spanish class, are just a few of the ways we infuse global awareness into our daily lessons. 

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