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Personalized Learning will continue to be a hallmark of our private high school offerings, with smaller class sizes, a focus on social-emotional learning appropriate for teens, and support and guidance from adult mentors and advisors, all which make Henderson International School one of a top Las Vegas high school.

For the past few years, the driver of our decision-making in shaping our school and its secondary, elementary and early childhood programs has been two documents:

It is these that keep us on the right track, they keep us focused on the big picture in terms of what we believe makes for an excellent learning and growing environment for our high school students. Any adjustments or enhancements that we may make to these documents will be just that – fine tuning or adding on to our core beliefs, not a radical departure or change of direction from them.

Henderson International Private High School in Las Vegas

We will still have Critical Thinking as the North Star of our compass.  Our overarching goal is to build the future problem-solvers, innovators, collaborators, communicators, and leaders of the world. Engaging in Essential Questions, conducting meaningful inquiry and research, and creatively presenting ideas and solutions, all require high order reasoning skills that we begin to teach in our elementary program, and will continue to teach up through 12th grade.

Students at our private high school in Las Vegas will be taught to an even higher degree how to take ownership of their own learning and growth and curricular choices.  We will look to our high schoolers to become mentors to the younger Wolverines on campus - they will be given leadership opportunities both intramurally and extramurally.

Our focus on Global Awareness will be given a big boost as we welcome international students to our HIS family in our home stay boarding school program. You will soon be seeing campus signage that reflects our push to both make this a welcoming place for students whose first language is not English, and to grow awareness in our matriculating students of their incoming school mates’ different languages and customs. In line with that, we look forward to our 2nd annual International Week this coming January, in which all our students research, present and celebrate countries and cultures from around the world.

A Balanced and Robust Education will be reflected in the way we develop college prepatory course offerings, based on the reality of our enrollment. Our emphasis on STEAM will intensify in high school, with students being exposed to the five areas: Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics, and even being able to specialize in one of those areas. Our facilities will adapt to accommodate this rich menu of academic and extra-curricular choices.

These are some of the ways in which our Las Vegas high school will align nicely with our lower and middle schools. But in what ways will Henderson International School High School be different?

Our philosophy on grading will shift for our high school.  The competitiveness of college admissions makes omnibus (A – F) grading important. So, while our oldest students will still be taught to standards, with meaningful teacher feedback and grading transparency, standards-based grade marks will drop off in grades 9 – 12. Additionally, many, if not most, of our students will be taking Advanced Placement courses, some culminating their four-year journey with the AP Capstone experience. AP courses culminate in a standardized exam in the Spring. Performance results from those exams determine college placement and/or credit, depending on the institution.

We also want to begin to leverage the local community, business, and industry to create top-flight, real-world learning experiences for our high schoolers. As we build those connections and foster those relationships with our thriving Valley community, we hope to bring these professionals and “experts in their fields” in to mentor our students, as well as send our students out to learn from them first-hand and engage with real world problems and challenges.

Of course, another high school difference will be that students in different grades can and will be in courses together, when developmentally ready. This will serve as a strong form of differentiation for our oldest students, as well as building community within the division.

Prepatory school is the place where students really start to move toward early adulthood and increased independence and greater self-awareness. The social experience and campus culture for our high schoolers will in large part be determined by the students themselves – based on who they are and on their passions and interests. We look forward to the many talents and the rich background that our incoming 9th graders will bring to our school community, and we are working hard to provide for them a unique, rigorous, and personalized private high school experience.

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