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It's never too early to instill a love of learning.

Henderson International School's private preschool, pre-k and kindergarten education programs lay the foundation for developing critical thinking skills and high order reasoning in mathematics, literacy, science, social studies, integrated technology, fine arts, and foreign language. As one of the best preschools in Las Vegas, each student's early childhood education experience is tailored specifically to the child's individual needs and stage of development.

Our preschool program accepts potty-trained children at two-years and six months of age. Our preschool classes include three and four-year-olds. Our pre-k classes, which are designed to prepare students for our rigorous kinder program, include four-year-olds and some five-year-olds with kindergarten including five-year-olds and some six-year-olds. The smaller classroom sizes provide preschool program students with the opportunity to prepare academically and emotionally.

Private preschool

Our classes provide structure and routine for early learners, transitional activities to promote independence, and games to make learning enjoyable and engaging. Each classroom is designed to create excitement for learning while focusing on preschool activities that build fine motor, problem-solving and reading comprehension skills. Our early learning curriculum helps students learn and excel from an early age.

Our private Early Childhood Education offers:

  • Phonemic awareness (hearing and manipulating the sounds in words)
  • Phonics (daily reading and writing)
  • Mathematical vocabulary and concepts, hands-on problem solving and application (time, money, addition, sorting, ordering, patterns, position, comparing, probability, measurement, fractions, word problems)
  • Reading comprehension and the ability to verbalize narratives
  • Age appropriate inquiry-science labs
  • Social studies curriculum focused on cultural differences and global awareness
  • Weekly teacher-directed and student-centered art projects
  • Character education, collaboration and effective communication 
  • Public speaking and listening
  • Emotion management and conflict resolution
  • Physical education and gross motor skill development
  • Weekly library commons exploration

Learn more about our preschool program academics here.

We invite children to shadow a class as part of our admissions process for preschool, pre-k and kindergarten education. This opportunity allows students to interact with other young children in the classroom, starting the socialization and child development experience. Schedule a visit today and learn more about what makes Henderson International School one of the best preschools in Las Vegas. 

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Henderson International School offers an innovative approach to learning. We believe that a child's academic experience should be tailored to their individual needs and wants rather than a one size fits all approach. To receive more information about what makes us one of the best preschools in Las Vegas, Nevada, or to schedule a visit to campus, please request more information or call us at 702-818-2100.



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