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Quick Facts

  • Henderson, NV USA
  • 14 acre campus
  • Preschool (3 yrs) - 8th grade
  • School community representing over 30 countries
  • Personalized learning plan for each student
  • 100% of graduates accepted to high school of their choice

Our Stories

“The #1 benefit is the "personalized learning plan" where the teacher works with the parents to identify areas of improvement for each individual child, because each subject is not one-size-fits-all. I love the "specials" that my daughter never had before like music, art, science lab, Spanish and PE. I also...” read more

- Jen Grant, Current Lower School Parent

“When considering a school for our daughters six years ago, the quality of the education was the primary concern for my partner and me as parents. But for our family, of equal importance was the sense of community and a welcoming environment. With Henderson International School, we had a feeling...” read more

- John Pinocci, Current Middle School Parent

“Every day I watch students examine new things and delight in the knowledge of what is waiting for them. I've watched children in awe of what lies under a ladybug's spots, inside a leaf, discovering that microbes silently swim in a pond or amazed at the beauty of all things...” read more

- Jill Brown, Lower School Science Teacher

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Teacher Highlight

  "Music is amazing and is present in everything." That's the message that Gabe Cadena wants his students to take away from every violin class they attend.  Music has certainly shaped his life in some amazing ways. Before coming to Henderson International School five years ago, Mr. Cadena made his living as a professional Mariachi violinist and vocalist, playing in venues around the Las Vegas Valley. "I've played at the Grammy's and some big boxing matches. I've played for every president since Bill Clinton," he said.  His musical journey began 21 years ago, when he went to a local community center and found music classes were being offered there.  Mr. Cadena was a teenager when he picked up a violin for the first time. "My goal at the time was just to find something to keep me out of trouble. I never knew it would have such an impact on my life," he said. Mariachi was a natural fit for Mr. Cadena. He grew up in Las Cruces, New Mexico where traditional music was played daily in his home and community. He said it was easy to learn the songs because he already knew them, and he uses the same principle when teaching his young students. They start with basic posture and learning how to get sounds from the instrument, then they move to familiar nursery songs. "The toughest part of the job is the fact that I have so much to teach them in a short amount of time," he said.  All 1st, 2nd and 3rd graders have Mr. Cadena's musicianship class twice a week, and many middle school students have electives with him. When he's not in the classroom, he coaches our undefeated middle school girls basketball team, the Lady Wolverines. He also still enjoys spending time with his Mariachi group, playing private parties and small events.  Besides music, Mr. Cadena has another true love -- shoes.  "At one point, I had 90 pairs of Adidas. That's not including the Nike shelf, or the 'miscellaneous brand' shelf," he said. "I had to get rid of a few because they were starting to wear out. Eventually I made need to buy a bigger house with more closet space." Mr. Cadena's life as a Mariachi-by-night, violin-teacher-by-day was featured on Univision this past fall, and the story has been nominated for a regional Emmy award.       

The Music Man

Student Highlight

These bright students have been selected as the founding members of the Henderson International School Tech Crew.  Each member was chosen based on their interest in technology, academic merit, and non-academic performance.  It should be noted that this position will endure throughout your child's career at HIS, assuming academic and non-academic requirements are sustained.  Each member will be going home today with their official certificate of membership, to begin in the 16-17 school year. The HIS Tech Crew was created to recognize and train students who have shown interest in holding a technology leadership position in the classroom.  Students may be expected to assist with technology in the classroom, troubleshoot common iPad problems with their classmates, and more.  Crew members will train with Mr. Lindsey throughout each year in a progression from the Kilobyte status up to the much esteemed Yottabyte. I look forward to working with these bright and talented techies! Brandon Lindsey, Educational Technology

The Tech Crew

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