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Quick Facts

  • Henderson, NV USA
  • 14 acre campus
  • Preschool (3 yrs) - 8th grade
  • school community representing over 30 countries
  • Personalized learning plan for each student
  • 100% of graduates accepted to high school of their choice

Our Stories

“#1 benefit is the "personalized learning plan" where the teacher works with the parents to identify areas of improvement for each individual child, because each subject is not one-size-fits-all. I love the "specials" that my daughter never had before like music, art, science lab, Spanish and PE. I also like that there is study hall after school available, and clubs. HIS is very well-rounded and I applaud their commitment to developing my child's social skills in addition to academics. One additional perk I am really enjoying, as a mom, is the level of parent involvement allowed and having a PTA. Since we've joined HIS, everyone has been so eager to help us fit in. Truly loving this school.”

-Jen Grant, parent

“When considering a school for our daughters six years ago, the quality of the education was the primary concern for my partner and me as parents. But for our family, of equal importance was the sense of community and a welcoming environment. With Henderson International School, we had a feeling of inclusion from the day we stepped on campus. This is the environment we want for our children.”

-John Pinocci, Parent

“Henderson International School provides students with the opportunity to learn at their own pace, to experience the arts and sports. Classes are taught by nurturing and caring teachers, who make learning fun. This is the kind of school I would have loved for my own daughters to have attended.”

-Debbie Levy, LS Art Teacher

Teacher Highlight

 “I’m extremely excited to work with the young minds at the school in the areas of 3D modeling, film, and game design,” he said.  ”I hope to offer either electives or small training sessions in these fields that I personally love and would love to share.” Of course, Mr. Lindsey fits right in with the tech-savvy students at HIS. “I’m very excited to get a Minecraft server set up for the students to build a virtual landscape.  I’m a kid at heart for sure.  I still play some of these games myself!” But surprisingly, Mr. Lindsey’s background is not entrenched in computer science and coding. He has a bachelor’s degree in Clarinet Performance, a bachelor’s degree in Digital Arts and a master’s degree in Digital Cinema. So how does a clarinet-playing-digital-cinematic-artist land a job in educational technology? “When I was a young kiddo, my grandfather taught me how to build my own computers,” he said. “Ever since then I’ve been the family ‘techie’ and many people have told me that I have the mind of an engineer. Having a career in technology, education, with an infusion of art is a perfect choice for me. It was a no-brainer to work at HIS as the ET, not to be confused with Extra Terrestrial,” he said. Mr. Lindsey is entering his tenth year in the field of education and says his approach to learning can be summed up in two words; evolve and question. 

Brandon Lindsey, Educational Technology Specialist

Student Highlight

While STEM has been around for decades, it has received much more focus and attention in the United States in recent years. This is largely because American students tend to trail behind their international peers in these fields. At HIS, our inquiry-based science program begins in preschool and integrates STEM activities as part of the Meritas Academic Plan, which focuses on developing critical thinking and high-order reasoning skills. Pre-k teacher Mrs. Fiumara shared this example of her students’ autumn planting project. Our pre-k students were introduced to concepts involving seeds and plant growth earlier this year. Our students planted their seeds in soil in a clear container so that they can see that important plant activity happens beneath the soil surface. This biology lesson is the “Science” part of the STEM activity. During the “Technology” piece, they used their iPads to take photos and record the activity. The“Engineering” lesson included watering the seeds with eyedroppers, then watching the landscaper as he planned the irrigation system in the garden. The “Math” lesson involved using rulers to measure the growth of the plants. Students assess what they learn by answering questions throughout the process. This is when our Meritas Academic Plan, which places heavy emphasis on critical thinking, takes the basics of STEM a step further through the use of essential questions. In traditional STEM learning, students answer questions like “do some plants have longer roots than others?” Rather than ask “do some plants have longer roots,” our students are asked “why do you think some plants have longer roots than others?” This takes the question beyond a simple “yes” or “no” answer and compels the student to think about why science works the way it does. It goes beyond simple scientific facts and introduces the students to scientific analysis and application. Mrs. Fiumara’s class transplanted their crops from their pots to the garden this week. She said so far, they have learned that seeds need soil, water, and sun to grow. They have learned about the functions of roots and why plants grow at different rates just like people do. The students have also observed the plants “leaning” towards the classroom windows to soak up more sunlight. In the coming months, Mrs. Fiumara’s students will observe the growth of the plants in the garden, see how they respond to colder weather, and hopefully have a nice crop to harvest when the weather warms up next year.  

Mrs. Fiumara's pre-k class

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