We personalize our teachings for each student, building critical-thinking skills and creating hands-on learning experiences. This prepares students for success beyond school, for a more impactful college experience, and for rewarding careers.

Academics Overview

Every student receives instruction each day in reading, writing, and mathematics, and multiple times per week in science, social studies, Spanish, performing and fine arts, and physical education. The academic disciplines are complemented by extra- and co-curricular activities. Our private school curriculum and its accompanying extra- and co-curricular activities create well-rounded students.

Henderson International School excels in teaching critical thinking, complex problem solving, and high-order reasoning. Studies indicate a clear link between these skills and eventual success in college and in the workplace. This directs all elements of the Henderson Academic Compass.

Critical Thinking

Your child's education goes far beyond memorizing facts and taking tests. We teach critical thinking skills to help them grow into perceptive, observant people.

Personalized Learning

Your child's curriculum is tailored to meet their needs and goals. We work one-on-one with families to provide a truly unique learning experience.

Global Awareness

Education spans far beyond the classroom. Henderson International School takes students on a journey that reaches around the world.

Balanced and Robust Education

From science to math, from literature to music, your child receives a well-rounded experience alongside our knowedgeable educators.

Social/Emotional Development

Teamwork and community play a pivotal role in our curriculum. Emotional health and management is also part of our teachings.

Standards-Based Learning & Grading

We've designed our curriculum to position our students for success wherever the future of their education may take them.

Standards-Based Learning & Grading
Critical thinking
Social/emotional development
balanced and robust education

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