March 17, 2021

The Henderson International School Trade Show

Students in third grade have been studying economics. They have been learning about “goods” and “services”. In order to provide a greater understanding of economics, each student was asked to create a business. The business was presented on a project board and included their own advertisements. When the business was set up, their peers became the customers and they used paper money to purchase their items.

With a passion for supercars, Shayden created a car rental business. Revving up his project a gear, Shayden’s family brought a Lamborghini, Bugatti and Porsche to campus for the students to view. Shayden then presented his sales pitch and his customers happily placed their orders!  Shayden wanted to ensure he went the extra mile in his business creation and placed an emphasis on making his customers VERY happy!

Thank you to Shayden’s family and Vegas Auto Gallery for making this a very memorable day. They shared a very positive message to our students. No matter what your passions are, hard work and dedication brings great results.

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