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Henderson International School will return on August 17. Our large campus, extensive facilities and small class sizes will permit learning on campus while adhering to COVID social distancing requirements. Your students' safety will continue to be our priority while in class 5 days per week.

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Please also excuse our website appearance, our brand new website will launch in July!

The Right School For You

Henderson International School offers a personal, global learning experience for students in preschool through 8th grade.

If you are searching for a prestigious private education, Henderson International School offers more than just an intense focus on college prep academics. Here at Henderson International School your child will experience a balanced and well-rounded approach to education. Our robust STEAM curriculum, complete with visual and performing arts, athletics, technology and an emphasis on social and emotional learning will offer each child a personalized learning experience.

Your child deserves a school that delivers academic excellence within a challenging and rewarding environment.

Your child deserves Henderson International School.

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Quick Facts

  • Henderson, NV USA
  • 14 acre campus
  • Preschool (3 yrs) - 8th grade
  • School community representing over 30 countries
  • Personalized learning plan for each student
  • Dual, Global AdvancED Accreditation

Our Stories

“When considering a school for our daughters six years ago, the quality of the education was the primary concern for my partner and me as parents. But for our family, of equal importance was the sense of community and a welcoming environment. With Henderson International School, we had a feeling...” read more

- John P, Middle School Parent

“From the drone competition and 3D printing to providing violin lessons, Henderson International is teaching students the critical thinking skills necessary to enter professions that have not yet been created and to use technology that has not yet been invented.”

- Erika A. Christensen '04, Director of Development, UNLV

“Our daughter just started her fourth year at Henderson International School as she enters third grade. We are so pleased with her experience as a student and with being part of the H.I.S. community. She has learned so much, as her teachers have provided a challenging environment which has helped...” read more

- Jennifer M, Lower School Parent

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Teacher Highlight

"Creativity takes courage."  ~ Henri Matisse   Mrs. DiBenedetto is another familiar face, with another tricky name! Mrs. D stepped in to our art studio last year as a guest teacher, and she blew us away with her digital design skills. She is back with us full-time this year and we can't wait to see what she does with our Adobe Suite!  Dorothy DiBenedetto holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts with Honors degree from Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, Calif. She specializes in Art History and Graphic Design.  She has worked as an educator for the past six years, and she says her greatest joy is seeing eyes light up and the smile of accomplishment from a child.  "I live for the 'light bulb moments,' the electricity created by young minds that soak up information like sponges. The imagination of innocence fueled by curiosity is a goal," she said. "Art is a passion and to share that experience is so intoxicating."  Mrs. D says some of the funniest moments teaching young children is when she tells them about growing up without Google, cell phones, or video games. Imagine having to go to a library and having fewer than 100 tv channels to choose from? One young student said to her, "boy, you must have been miserable." She almost fell out of her chair.   Mrs. D loves old movies, great music, and painting. She says her teaching philosophy this year is all about believing in the power of your thoughts. So let's see what our art students dream up this year and watch them make it happen!

Meet Mrs. DiBenedetto, Art Teacher

Student Highlight

People always look at me sideways when I tell them that Newt, our desert tortoise, has a very big personality. It's really true though. No, seriously.  He hustles for food (hilarious to watch and never gets old). He eats everything we plant for him even before we can get it into the ground. It took the students twenty minutes to dig this hole and plant these shamrocks, and he mowed them over in less than five minutes. But we think he took his antics to a new level this week when he decided to punch a hole right through the side of his burrow. Okay we admit, that dirt looks really soft and damp and cool, and digging in it is probably really fun on a hot June afternoon in the Las Vegas valley. But.... NEWT! Our middle school kids spent literally MONTHS building that burrow this past school year. The class, which was led by 8th grader Lynus, worked from August through April getting wildlife permits, securing materials, and doing manual labor to construct the habitat.  We think he is probably really enjoying his new home and likely loves the opportunity to plow right through the nice soil that the students kindly piled on top of his burrow. But you know what, Newt's right. If you're an endangered desert tortoise living in a habitat created entirely by middle school students, and you know that the STEAM elective is wildly popular and the students will be back this August with more delicious shamrocks and tons more dirt for you to dig in -- hey, why not enjoy it?! This next school year, our middle school students will clean out the habitat, plant new tortoise-approved snacks, and install a "Newt-Cam" so we can watch his shenanigans from any digital device with web access. Our 18-19 high school freshman class has some neat ideas to integrate even more technology into Newt's dream retreat. (think thermostats and automated climate control devices and watering systems!) At the end of the day, the whole point of our middle school STEAM elective is to teach students that captive desert tortoises are rescued by environmental groups because the urban sprawl of the Mojave Desert has left this prehistoric species fighting certain extinction. We are so fortunate that our school was tasked with being Newt's custodial guardian for the remainder of his very long life (probably another 70 years). Our enormous respect for our planet and all manners of life that live here, plus the legacy left by the future generations that are taught here at HIS, makes it our great honor to provide Naughty Newt with the best life a desert tortoise could possibly experience. So dig away, my friend! See you all in the Fall, middle school students! Newt has plenty for you to do! "Thanks HIS! The kids here totally rock. Please plant more shamrocks when you get a chance." ~ Newt  

Newt's News (summer update - naughty Newt)

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