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At the heart of the Henderson International School experience is our collaborative and personalized academic approach that is unique to the southern Nevada market. 

Henderson delivers an academically rich environment, personalized for each student, buildng critical-thinking skills and creating enriching hands-on learning experiences. This prepares students for success beyond high school, for a more impactful college experience, and for future rewarding careers. 

A Balanced and Robust Education

Every student in preschool through high school receives instruction each day in reading, writing and mathematics; multiple times per week in science, social studies, spanish, visual and performing arts, and physical education.  

The academic disciplines are complemented by extra- and co-curricular activities.  Middle school and high school students also may join team sports, student government, band, and musical theater.  

Our private school curriculum and its accompanying extra- and co-curricular activities equip every student with a breadth of experiences that produce the most well-rounded students in the Henderson area. At the same time, students are given opportunities to explore and cultivate their individual talents, setting them up to lead successful and fulfilling lives.

Compassionate and Engaged World Citizens

Our students are part of a global learning community that includes peers and teachers from around the world. Opportunities include:

  • Travel to other countries and collaboration with sister schools across the U.S.
  • Research and presentations about cultures and nations around the world
  • Spanish language classes beginning in Early Childhood

Including these events in our private school curriculum creates a rich tapestry of experiences that promotes critical thinking, cultural literacy and international friendships.

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