Personalized Learning

We focus on delivering the best possible educational experience and ensuring that our students are progressing in line with, or above, expectations.

That’s why every student works hand-in-hand with his or her teacher to develop a Personal Learning Plan (PLP). The PLP uses data to identify goals and set action plans for both academic growth and enrichment aligned to each student’s talents and passions.

Academic Growth

Our teachers are trained to identify each student's academic challenges and set goals that address those areas.

The student, the teacher and the parents then create a strategy for reaching those goals.

Academic Enrichment

Our teachers also identify an area of demonstrated strength or interest for every student and assign specific activities that challenge the student in that area. Key questions include:

  • Is this something about which the student is passionate?
  • Is it specific and concrete?
  • Does it have measurable benchmarks so that it can be completed, presented and judged?
  • Will its completion give the student a sense of accomplishment?
  • Does the project allow the student to apply higher-order reasoning to his or her topic?
  • Does the plan have clear expectations to help guide the student?

The Purpose

As a result, our students are motivated to expand their capabilities, are challenged at the appropriate level and learn to assume responsibility for their own learning. 

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