Preschool Curriculum

It’s never too early to instill a love of learning.

Henderson International School’s rich, early-learning Early Childhood curriculum brims with opportunities to learn about math, English, reading and phonics along with social studies, science and health. From an early age, HIS students are immersed in the basics of technology, fine arts, music and Spanish. Our Early Childhood program includes preschool, pre-k and kindergarten.

Nurturing a Love of Learning

Henderson International School’s private preschool curriculum provides a welcoming, safe, fun environment that tailors the educational experience to each child. Our Las Vegas private school provides a place where children build confidence in themselves and their abilities as learners. Our private preschool curriculum fosters cognitive, social, emotional, creative and physical development. 

Engaging Academic Development 

Early on, HIS students are encouraged to develop phonological awareness through phonics and early reading exercises. They’re also exposed to math concepts and skills along with social studies, science, fundamentals of health and safety. 

Physical Education 

The HIS Early Childhood curriculum trains a focus on both fine and gross motor skills as well as body movement through our physical education classes. These classes prepare students for success as they progress through our school's grade levels. 

Social Activities

To encourage social and emotional development, Henderson International School preschool students participate in activities that stimulate individual curiosity and social interaction through sharing, peer relations and lessons in respect. 

Arts & Creative Curriculum

Preschoolers and kindergarteners at Henderson International School are exposed to a variety of artistic activities from music and rhythm to dance, drama and drawing. 

Our youngest students participate in our on-campus Black Box Theater, known as The Gallery, once a week for a general music class with a specialized music teacher. The group instruction consists of coordinating body movements to music, pantomime and creative play, small percussion instruments and vocalizing. These preschoolers and kindergarteners have two on-stage parent performances each year, with smaller school assembly performances throughout the school year.

Early Childhood students also work on age-appropriate arts and crafts in their classrooms, giving them exposure to a full spectrum of cultural arts. 

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