STEAM Education

Technology in the Classroom

At Henderson International School, we understand the value of STEM curriculum (science, technology, engineering, and math). However, we feel that it’s missing something crucial to a child’s education, art.  Our STEAM program includes not only science, technology, engineering, and math, but also art. This STEAM education program is integrated across all grade levels in various forms. Advanced technology offerings are woven into every aspect of each student's education, from math and science to visual arts and music.

STEAM Education

Students are provided with robust opportunities to utilize technology in the classroom to enhance their learning through a wide range of resources safely accessible through our secure network and internet.

Our graduates are responsible digital citizens that have mastered the 4 C's of technology – creativity, critical thinking, communication, and collaboration – and are prepared to be active participants in tomorrow's global community.

21st Century Classroom

Social media and technology influences how our educators teach, what our students learn and the way our parents and teachers communicate.  Student cyber safety is a high priority for us. We take every caution to protect our students online and work with our families to ensure they are protected. In this fast paced information age, students need to learn how to navigate a variety of resources and safely access information to prepare for a tech-savvy future.  

Classroom Technology STEAM Curriculum

  • iPad carts for preschool through 4th grade for integrated classroom use
  • One to one personal device in middle school and high school
  • STEAM electives in middle school and high school
  • 3D printers and software
  • Mac lab in middle school with Adobe Creative Suite
  • Wireless access throughout campus
  • Interactive whiteboards

STEAM Preschool

Our preschool and pre k programs lay the foundation for the academic success of our students. During this time, students get introduced to STEAM curriculum through learning math vocabulary, hands-on problem solving, taking part in age-appropriate science labs, gaining experience with integrated technology and more.

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STEAM Elementary School

As the student graduates from preschool to elementary school, their STEAM education continues. We tailor the curriculum to the specific student with Personalized Learning Plans (PLPs). Students are empowered to use technology to create, communicate and collaborate. Starting with iPads in preschool, our students have ample opportunities to interact with classroom technologies throughout their time at Henderson International School.

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STEAM Middle School 

Our middle school STEAM curriculum is designed to develop strong critical-thinking and problem-solving skills in our students. We use a wide variety of technologies to enhance the acquisition, analysis, communication and presentation of information. Through our unique STEAM education program, students learn concepts in math, science and problem-solving that will translate to real-life situations in the future.

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STEAM High School 

STEAM is a primary focus in our secondary program. Students have a variety of elective courses to choose from, including AP courses that provide advanced instruction with college level credit or placement opportunities. As students progress through high school, they can explore STEAM tracks as they refine their specialized study.

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