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How do I submit a student application?

Applications can be submitted electronically. Please visit hendersonschool.com to apply.

What can my child expect during the Admissions Assessment?

The Admissions Assessment will evaluate your child’s academic abilities across math and English. The assessment will also evaluate your child’s readiness for their grade level and enable the school to decide which class your child will be best suited. This is a great opportunity for the school to learn more about your child and for your child to ask any questions they may have, as well as learn a little more about our school environment.

How will I know if my child’s application and assessment are successful?

Upon completion of the assessment, the Admissions Department will schedule a Family Admissions and Assessment Feedback meeting. The purpose of this meeting is to:

  • Discuss your child’s assessment and to provide feedback, identifying areas of strengths and development
  • Further understand your child’s goals and agree to expectations
  • Provide an insight to our teachers so that they can identify how best to educate and support your child

Once a placement is offered, the Admissions Office will proceed  to contract signings. Providing the required student information is obtained within a timely manner, a student may be able to start school within 5 school days. Families can help the process by submitting all required documentation at the time of application.

Should my child attend the Family Admissions and Assessment Feedback meeting?

Children are welcome to attend, however, if you would prefer them not to attend, that is acceptable too. This meeting discusses financial information that you may decide is not appropriate for your child to be a part of.

Do both parents need to be present for contract signing?

Both parents are welcome to sign and attend the meeting, however, the contract and payment authorization form requires only one signature.

Is there a sibling discount?

Yes! Henderson International School provides a sibling discount. Please refer to the Tuition and Fees leaflet for further details.

A family already enrolled at Henderson International School recommended us. How can I ensure they receive the Family Referral Discount?

We are delighted that you have been recommended. Please be sure to let the Admissions Office know of your referral during your tour and when contacted to schedule an Admissions Assessment.

We are relocating to Nevada and do not have a confirmed date for when my child will start at school. How can I reserve a place?

The first step will be to complete an online application. The Admissions Office will then be in contact to schedule an Admissions Assessment. Every child is unique and as such, we will work with each family to determine the best way to assess your child if they cannot attend campus. Again, once a placement is offered, you will be required to place a $750 non-refundable deposit to secure their place.

What supplies are included within the Tuition & Fees?

Supplies such as iPads, pencils, paper, art supplies and books are included within tuition. Students in grades 5-8 will be required to purchase a laptop. Our Computer Science Department can provide advice and guidance to help you purchase a laptop that meets our tech requirements. Yearbooks, field trips, Early Care and Fall Picture Day are also included within tuition fees.

What items are NOT included?

School uniform, lunches and snacks are not included in tuition. Additionally, some overnight field trip experiences are also not included. After school club is not included.

Is there a Family Handbook?

Families are required to read the Family Handbook, which contains important information regarding our school policies and expectations. Please visit Parent Resources for a copy of the handbook.

What are the school times?

School instruction begins at 8:00 a.m. and ends at 3:00 p.m. School is in session Monday through Friday.

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