We know it can be hard making decisions about your child's education. Here's what parents have said about Henderson International School.

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My son was just three years old when he started at Henderson International. Wearing his pristine uniform and oversized backpack we entered the hallways of the school with jitters. I don't know who was more nervous....me or him? We were immediately greeted with open arms and warm smiles. And it's been like that for the past 9 years! Henderson International has become a second home for my son. We first picked the school, because I wanted my child to attend an institute that not only excelled in academics, but put value in the other areas of learning like sports, the arts, and most importantly family. The relationships we've made with other families, staff & leadership, and the teachers have been instrumental in making my child feel safe to learn and grow. From little things like... sending water to my kid when he forgot his water bottle at home, to the big things like...getting through COVID and security at the door, we love Henderson International School, and we're doing it all again with my daughter's education.

Dionna C, Early Childhood Parent

We toured many places before deciding on Henderson International School. As soon as we left after our initial visit, we immediately knew this was the school for us! We love how engaging and friendly the staff and teachers are. The campus consistently feels like a community that is welcoming, secure, and safe. Our daughter started preschool here and will be entering Kindergarten this year. She has grown so much academically, developmentally, and socially because of the structure and education provided.

Jessica P, Kindergarten Parent

Henderson international is an amazing school. Our son just completed his first year there as a preschool student and we are very impressed with both the academic and social/emotional growth we have seen from him. The class sizes are small and have the right amount of structure for a preschooler. The staff takes the time to get to know the parents and each student which is important to me since my son started at age 3. Ms. Augustine (who oversees the early education program) is amazing. She is very in-tune with all of the student's progress in her department and always available to answer questions or discuss your child’s needs. There is a good amount of communication to keep parents informed and an emphasis on safety. Overall, we highly recommend this school!

Nicole S, Early Childhood Parent

I have never felt better about any money I’ve spent than with Henderson International School. From the staff to the campus. To the class size. To the security. Money very well spent/invested.

Marc C, Early Childhood Parent

Dave and I talked about this and how safe we feel sending our kids to Henderson International School. The security is discreet which I really appreciate too.

Casey E, Early Childhood Parent

My daughter has been at Henderson International School for 5 years and absolutely loves it. The balance of academic curriculum and co-curricular activities such as Spanish, PE and the arts, makes the school very special. The teachers are experienced, dedicated staff who truly get to know and care for their students, ensuring their academic and social/emotional needs are met. We love the family environment the school creates.

Penny W, Parent and Teacher

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