We know it can be hard making decisions about your child's education. Here's what parents have said about Henderson International School.

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My daughter has been at Henderson International School for 5 years and absolutely loves it. The balance of academic curriculum and co-curricular activities such as Spanish, PE and the arts, makes the school very special. The teachers are experienced, dedicated staff who truly get to know and care for their students, ensuring their academic and social/emotional needs are met. We love the family environment the school creates.

Penny W, Parent and Teacher

Our daughter just started her fourth year at Henderson International School as she enters third grade. We are so pleased with her experience as a student and with being part of the H.I.S. community. She has learned so much, as her teachers have provided a challenging environment which has helped her thrive and achieve. The camaraderie with her classmates has contributed to her academic growth. This classroom spirit and teamwork has made school fun. There are many events held throughout the year at H.I.S. for families to interact and for parents to be able to see the culmination of academics and performing arts projects. The teachers keep parents informed so that we can help continue the learning process at home. We are very happy that our daughter is a Henderson Wolverine and look forward to her years ahead at the school.

Jennifer M, Lower School Parent

The school is by far the best private school around. My kids have gone here for 6 years and they both enjoy it very much. My daughter has small classes that help her focus on what she needs to work on and provides a challenging but fun experience. It's one of the few schools, if not the only, school in the state that provides students with multiple class options. The campus is warm and welcoming with an amazing staff and great teachers.

Karen K, Middle School Parent

Henderson International School gave me the inspiration to excel in my weaker classes, gave me a new passion for reading, and prepared me for high school. If I didn’t go to Henderson Intenational, I wouldn’t be where I am today.

Hannah H, Graduate, Class of 2014

Thank you Henderson International School for an absolutely perfect COVID-19 reopening plan. Every single bit of it. We are so glad you’re going to limit it to 15 students per class.

The Kohl Family

"One of my favorite things about Henderson International School is having different teachers throughout the day who teach their subjects. I'm a 'techie' so I love computer science and the connection between technology and art in our digital arts class with Ms. Tognoli. The thing that excites me most about going to Henderson International School is just being in school... It's a once in a lifetime opportunity to be in school right now."

Spiros C, Lower School Student

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