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We understand that making decisions for your child’s education can be challenging. Henderson International School is proud to offer an unparalleled educational experience that will inspire your child to reach their full life potential.

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Our Curriculum
Our curriculum and programs are differentiated based on students' needs. Our supportive learning environment enhances each unique student’s skill set by guiding them through hands-on academic activities. Our Learning Support Team provides each student with opportunity to grow in areas of strength and provide hands on engagement and learning so all students can reach their full potential.
Our Teachers
All of our highly trained teachers possess many years of educational experience paired with a passion for growing and nurturing our students. Though the teachers lead the way, we also foster self-motivation, critical thinking, and accountability in our students. Our small class sizes deliver a very personalized and engaging learning experience where every student is valued and recognized.
Henderson International School’s collaborative approach gives students the opportunity to play an active role in their education and take ownership of their futures. At all ages, students balance engaging independent study with stimulating group work and team collaboration.
Real World Application
Real-world application is critical. Our programs are developed not only to promote student success in the classroom, but far beyond it and for years to come. Henderson International students are equipped with life tools. Students are confident, inspired and prepared.

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