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Is there a Family handbook?

Families are required to read the family handbook, which contains important information regarding our school policies and expectations. Please visit Parent Resources for a copy of the handbook.

What is the school policy on bullying?

Henderson International School has a zero tolerance bullying policy. If you have concerns, please speak with your child's teacher immediately. Our family handbook contains more information on our school policies and behavior expectations.

What are the school times?

School instruction begins at 8:00 AM and ends at 3:00 PM. School is in session Monday throuugh Friday, on campus. Henderson International School does not provide a remote or blended learning option.

How early can I drop off my child?

Students can arrive on campus from 7am and participate in Early Care, which is included in your tutition. Early Care is available across all grade levels. Please communicate with Front Desk, or your child's teacher, for further information.

What school supplies will my student need?

Every student should bring a water bottle and wear comfortable shoes to school. Students in Grades 5 - 8 are required to wear a face masks. Preschool through 4th grade students are encouraged but not required to wear masks. Supplies such as iPads, pencils, paper, art supplies and tissues are included within your tuition fee. Students in grades 5 - 8 will require a laptop. Our Computer Science teachers will support you when you are ready to purchase.

What is the procedure if I need to pick up my student during the school day?

If your child needs to leave school early for an appointment, please contact the teacher and/or the front desk. Where possible, we ask for a minimum of one hours notice. At the scheduled time for pickup, your child will report to the front office and you will be able to sign them out. If someone other than a parent will be picking up your child, please make sure they are confirmed on your authorized pickup list prior to arrival. At the time of pick up, please park in a reserved parking bay and not on the red lines. You will be required to present a form of photo identification such as a valid drivers license. Until further notice, we are only permitting one family inside the lobby. Our trained security team will assist you when you arrive.

What is the procedure if my student is late to school?

Students arriving late to campus will be required to check in at the Front Desk. If your child arrives late due to a medical appointment, please remember to provide an excuse letter. Please refer to the family handbook for detailed information regarding attendance.

How do I leave medication for my child?

All medication, include over the counter and inhalers, must be handed to the Front Desk for safe keeping. Studentts are not permitted to carry their medicaiton with them at any time. If your child requires medication during the school day, please complete a medication authorization form with the medication. Further guidance can be obtained from the family handbook. Medication authorization forms can be obtained from the Front Desk or under the Parent Resources page.

How do I add an individual to the authorized pickup list?

An authorization form can be found under Parent Resources, and available from our Front Desk. Please let the Front Desk team know if you are in need of assistance. They will be happy to help you.

How does carline work - pick up?

Carline begins in the East building (lower school) at 3:00 PM and in the South building (middle school) at 3:10 PM. Place the car tag on the dashboard of your vehical. Once in line, a staff member will radio ahead to have your child released and as you proceed around, your child will be waiting to get into your vehicle. When picking up, please use the carline appropiate for your childs divsion.

How do I register for Study Hall?

Students must be registered to attend study hall, and this is included in your tuition fee. Until further notice, students will remain in their home classroom for study hall. Please contact your classroom teacher or Front Desk for a form. You can also download a form from our website.

How do I order lunch daily?

Better Lunch caters lunch for students across all grade levles. Lunch orders must be placed before 8:00 AM in order to be received on the same day. If a student forgets to bring lunch to school an emergency lunchable lunch is availalbe. Please refer to our family handbook for information. In the interest of safety, Henderson International School does not accept any deliveries by vendors.

What type of sports programs are available?

Henderson International School has a variety of sports including, swimming, basketball, cheerleading, flag football, golf, soccer, track (winter and spring) and volleyball. Please contact the PE department if you have questions regarding schedules and activities.

Are field trips available for students?

Until further notice, field trips will be experienced on campus. In usual times, most field trips will require at least a uniform top to be worn. Each classroom teacher will communicate with families expected attire. Please contact the classroom teacher for additional information regarding your child's field trips.

How do I purchase school uniforms?

AimHigh is our official uniform vendor. During summer months, they are available by appointment, Monday through Friday. They operate between 9am - 4pm. Please visit our Uniform page, available under parent resources. When visiting their store, please remember to wear you face masks.

What time does Skyhawks (after school club) begin and how does it work?

Skyhawks is open to students across all grade levels and actvities are age appropiate. Skyhawks begins immediately after carline ends and closes at 6:00 PM. It's only availble when school is in session. To participate, please complete the online registration form which is available on the Skyhawks website.

How do I join the PTA?

Henderson International School benefits from a PTA, parent engagement is encouraged. Please refer to our PTA page for more registration and event information.

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