5 Fun & Safe Ways to Get Your Kids Outside!

June 29, 2018

Fun and Safe Outdoor Fun

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Written by: Anya Willis


With TVs, smartphones, and video games, many families spend a majority of their time indoors, especially in this Las Vegas heat! While some screen time can have measured benefits, getting outside can have a huge impact on the overall health and well-being of your children. But how can you keep them safe while encouraging them to have some outdoor fun? These tips can help fuel your outside family fun while keeping everyone safe.


Get Outside as a Family

If your family is used to movie nights and indoor games, why not take some of the fun outside? There are quite a few family-friendly activities that can help get your kids outdoors more often and interested in the world around them. If you feel like getting crafty, you could build some bird feeders to attract local wildlife, which is quite diverse here in the Las Vegas desert. Or you could put together a backyard treasure hunt or make a night of it with a backyard camping trip. Having fun outside as a family gives you a chance to connect with your children while they connect with nature.

Keep Your Yard Chemical and Pest Free

Outdoor exploration should always start in your yard, so make sure yours is a safe space to play. Keep grass and plants trimmed to prevent animals such as snakes and rodents from taking up refuge in your yard. Make sure you dispose of any standing water to keep mosquitoes from nesting around your home. If you need to apply treatments, choose natural solutions that won’t irritate skin or eyes. You can even mix up fertilizers and pest repellants together, with products you likely have in your pantry.


Don’t Let Kids Become Litter Bugs

As you get outside with your children, set some ground rules for taking care of the environment. If you bring toys or items outside, put them away before going back inside. Pick up and dispose of any trash that may be left behind, and talk to your children about the effects of litter on the environment. With Las Vegas wildlife present, like racoons, take extra precautions to secure leftover food and trash, and discuss safe interactions with wildlife with your children.


Stock Up on Water and Healthy Snacks

Getting outside and having fun requires some serious fuel for your family. Before you start exploring the outdoors, have your kids help you put together some tasty, healthy snacks. Nuts, dried fruits, and granola are all good options to power your outdoor adventures. Keep reusable water bottles filled as well and encourage your kids to drink, even if they don’t feel very thirsty. Dehydration can strike quickly, especially here is the Las Vegas desert, and additional sources of electrolytes may be necessary for extraneous or extended outdoor fun.


Protect Sensitive Skin

The outdoors can take a serious toll on skin, so take measures to protect it. When going outside during the day, have your children wear hats, sunglasses, and plenty of sunscreen. Don’t forget to reapply protection every so often and be sure to cover often-missed spots like ears and scalps. For adventures at night or in the woods, wear long sleeves and pants to protect against poisonous or irritating plants and insects. If you live in an area prone to mosquitoes, look into ways to repel these pests and prevent bites and infections.


Put Together a Family First Aid Kit

Safety should be the number one concern of any family adventure. Any plans for outdoor exploration should include a properly stocked first aid kit. Keep a travel-friendly case filled with essentials, such as bandages, splints, and tweezers. If your child suffers from allergies or medical conditions, keep required medications on hand as well. Show your kids how to use first aid supplies and EpiPens, in case of injury or illness.


Spending time outside can be an enjoyable, educational experience for your kids and family. Just be sure to take steps to keep everyone safe as you engage in outdoor family fun, and always take care of the environment. Enjoy making memories with your kids that will last a lifetime!

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