Exploding Science in Early Childhood

May 02, 2017

Last Friday, we learned about physical reactions in Early Childhood. It’s always fun to see things erupt and this time was no different. We carried out a science experiment with our students using the  steps of the scientific method:


1. Question: “What will Mentos do when we put them in different types of soda?”

2. Our students had a great hypothesis: “They will explode!”

3. We experimented with four different types of soda, even making a graph to see which one we thought would explode the highest. Students predicted blue Fanta would give us the biggest splash. 

4. We documented our findings.

5. The conclusion was that orange Fanta was the big winner for this experiment.


An explosively fun science experience was had by all of our young scientists!


- Mrs. Megan Zappulla – Preschool Teacher


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