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March 02, 2017


Chizo Chiazor, the African teacher who first connected with Mrs. Fiumara back in September, is overwhelmed with gratitude for HIS.  Our youngest students in preschool and pre-k collected simple school supplies and mailed them to her students at Estaville School in Lagos, Nigeria. 

Their needs are so simple; markers, paper, toys for the play area. The preschool items that we take for granted are expensive and hard to find in their African village. We asked Chizo to send us a list of things they really need so that we could raise money to help pay for them. Our goal is modest; just $500 for school supplies that will make an enormous difference in the lives of these young children. 

Please go to our gofundme page and make a small contribution. Everyone who contributes will receive a handmade cookbook put together by our middle school Spanish club. It's our way for saying thank you for thinking globally and understanding that small actions can make a large difference. 

Please consider a $5 donation. gofundme.com/hislovesafrica


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