Little Pests - Be Gone!

March 28, 2017

Last Friday, Early Childhood (EC) students gathered outside the grassy area by our greenhouse to talk about an interesting science topic: Gardening - Exploring Natural Pest Control. The idea was born from a gardening problem we are experiencing in our greenhouse. Our beautiful sunflowers and other plants have been invaded by Aphids. Aphids are tiny black creatures that threaten our plants' livelihood by destroying their ability to grow.

EC teachers, with the help of our MS Science Club and 8th grade student; Emma, tried different ways to destroy the aphids using “natural pesticide” tools. For example, we sprayed some lemon juice first, to see if the acid would get rid of them, but that did not work. Then we tried using soap, but that didn’t work either. The aphids were still there! So Mrs. Roszell thought of another idea! She did her research and found out that ladybugs LOVE eating bugs, especially aphids!

Today we released ladybugs all around our affected plants and we hope to see some growth in the near future! EC students learned that ladybugs are harmless creatures that will certainly help our efforts. We are going to observe and document the ladybugs' work in the next couple of days! We’ll keep you posted!

-Ms. Lizette Fiumara, EC Team Leader

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