Meet Mrs. Tau, Middle School Spanish

July 21, 2017


For Claire Tau, Spanish is all about her passion for exploration, adventure and being active. She's not afraid to rough it either. When she finished her semester abroad in college, she rented a car and drove throughout Europe, often sleeping in the back seat and cooking meals on a tiny camp stove.

Mrs. Tau holds a Bachelor's degree in Spanish Language and Literature from Appalachian State University and a Master's degree in Special Education. She has been teaching for eight years, and there is a lot she loves about this profession.

"I like when I can step back and witness my students having fun with language. Between role-playing scenes from a story, presenting social media advice to a pretend audience of Spanish-speaking grandmas, or choreographing dance moves to Spanish songs, a lot of laughter has taken place in my classroom," she said. 

She said the key for her is being a lifelong learner, and creating that spirit for her students. 

"As a Spanish teacher, I get to continue my exploration and study of the language while passing along that passion to the next generation of world-changers!" she said.

Mrs. Tau and her husband get their kicks rock climbing at Red Rock and Yosemite. (four grueling days to get to the top of El Capitan!) When they're not scaling mountainsides, she's hanging out with her two cats and two young daughters. 

Be sure to say Hola! when you see her around campus. 

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