Mmmmm Morocco

February 27, 2017

Early this morning, Early Childhood students traveled to the exotic country of Morocco. Sophia's mom, a student in Mrs. Zappulla's class, is originally from Morocco and was kind enough to visit us with her sister to share some wonderful facts about her country.
We learned Morocco is located in North Africa, people from Morocco speak Arabic and French, and the biggest and most well known city is Casablanca. We saw the famous "tree goats", (funny goats that like to climb trees), as well as camels.
Morocco is located in the Sahara desert, hence the many camels and sand dunes! We also got to see some of the food they eat, like lamb and couscous well seasoned with cumin and turmeric. We also learned it takes 14 hours to fly to Morocco. A very long day for sure!
We learned so much and are so very appreciative of their visit!
-Ms. Lizette Fiumara, EC Team Leader

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