Number Talks, Mental Maths and Small Group Instruction!

July 17, 2017

Our happy little learners have been engaging in all kinds of numerical fun this summer, and we can't believe it's already week two of our Math Summer Acadamey.

Students in Kinder through to 3rd grade have been benefiting from small and whole group instruction across a wide range of topics.  

Our mathmaticians have been working on addition and subtraction, word and story problems, math communications, strategies, single, double and triple digits (depending on grade level) as well as mastering basic facts. 

The HIS Summer Acadamey is a lot of fun, as students have been kept busy by playing math games such as Race to Zero, Close to Zero, Find the Largest Sum, Compare and Triple Compare. 

As week three gets underway, our little learners can expect to become experts on time, money, multiplication, and division (depending on grade level) and we are sure Mrs Johnson, Math teacher, will make it even more fun than last week! 

Keep up the great work! 




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