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October 10, 2017

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All HIS students in grades 2 through 8 swim in physical education class when the weather is warm enough, which is generally the first month of the school year and the last month of the school year. 

The PE team finished up the first swim unit a few weeks ago, and Coach Black will wrap up the unit with grade level awards at next week's all school assembly.

"The awards are for the stand-out students who were able to do everything in our swimming scope and sequence, and also demonstrated leadership skills by helping other students," he said. 

HIS students learn pool safety, proper breathing techniques, various strokes, paddling (hand motions), treading water, and entry into the pool (diving for older students). 

Coach Black says the next swim unit will begin in late April or May and will have more Olympic-style events, relays and fine-tuning the skills learned in the first unit. 

Now that swimming is over and the weather has cooled off, the PE team is off to the races with the running unit. Students will run until the end of October, with the grand finale at the HIS Fun Run on Halloween. Coach Black will hand out another round of awards for outstanding PE students at the assembly in November. 

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