Third Graders visit Clark County Museum

November 03, 2017

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Those were our third graders’ reactions when we visited the Clark County Museum this past week. Our volunteer guides, Sylvia and Mary Lou, took us on a very informative historical journey of Nevada. Our first stop was the main gallery that showcased two of the American Indian Tribes that lived in Nevada, the Anasazi and the Paiute. Our students were amazed to know that the Anasazi’s clothes were made of rabbit skins and their houses were made of sticks. The main gallery also showcased a special event called “Clark County and World War One.” We saw several pictures of what transpired in this region during World War One.

Our second stop was the Ghost Town and Mining Trail. We saw a collection of old buildings: an old general store, a jail, a Toll Cabin, and a Blacksmith Shop. Our kids had so much fun going inside the old jail. The walls were blackened because an inmate had tried to start a fire in an attempt to escape. His plan failed, but the walls remained dark from the fire. The students also had a hard time grasping that people would stay in the Toll Cabin, like they would stay in a hotel, but the visitors would leave whatever amount they could afford on the desk. It was an honor system.

Our last stop was the Heritage Street, where we saw different old houses. We went on a scavenger hunt where we searched the houses for information on the occupants, the presence of technology, and dates of origin. The students avidly searched for all the information while studying the mannequins and making comments on the differences between their own lives today and the lives of the occupants of the houses.

Our next social studies chapter is about “Old and New Communities”. Third graders will now have more background knowledge for this chapter because of what they personally saw and experienced during our field trip.

-Mrs. Mercado and Mrs. Benoualid

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