Private Middle School

Your child’s academic, social, emotional and physical growth are further developed at our Las Vegas private middle school.

From Grade 6 through Grade 8, Henderson International School’s thoughtful and caring educators offer students the best middle school education.

Private Middle School

The HIS program makes it one of the best middle schools in Las Vegas and is designed to nurture the intellectual, social, emotional, and physical development of every student in an active learning environment where adolescent development is fully understood and supported. To foster this growth, our supportive faculty guide middle school students to make connections and see relationships among subject areas and to the world beyond the classroom

Along with our strong emphasis on critical-thinking and complex problem-solving, independence and organization are stressed throughout the program as students learn to do research and use a wide variety of technologies to enhance the acquisition, analysis, communication, and presentation of information. Teachers promote academic excellence through a student-centered approach that uses differentiated instruction, student-led conferences, a variety of assessment techniques, and a dynamic and challenging curriculum. Whether it is exploring engineering through math and science, publishing a story in English class, collaborating with students across the globe, or snorkeling off of Catalina Island, our middle school students are actively engaged in the process of learning every day. 

Students will receive STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, mathematics) education through challenging projects that encourage problem-solving, team building and decision making. Students will also learn skills fostering creativity, communication and critical thinking. 

In addition to STEAM education, our private middle school curriculum offers students classes in language arts, social studies, Spanish, cultural development, and physical education. Middle school students will participate in PE classes three times per week.

HIS middle school in Las Vegas is a place where close, trusting relationships, with both adults and peers, are encouraged and nurtured. Our small class sizes, outdoor education trips, elective classes, and advisory program encourages personal growth and helps students deal successfully with the changes and transitions that occur at this delicate age. The teachers in our private middle school help students learn responsibility, self-esteem and prepare them for high school placement and course selection.

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