• “The #1 benefit is the "personalized learning plan" where the teacher works with the parents to identify areas of improvement for each individual child, because each subject is not one-size-fits-all. I love the "specials" that my daughter never had before like music, art, science lab, Spanish and PE. I also like that there is study hall after school available, and clubs. HIS is very well-rounded and I applaud their commitment to developing my child's social skills in addition to academics. One additional perk I am really enjoying, as a mom, is the level of parent involvement allowed and having a PTA. Since we've joined HIS, everyone has been so eager to help us fit in. Truly loving this school.”

    - Jen Grant, Current Middle School Parent

  • “When considering a school for our daughters six years ago, the quality of the education was the primary concern for my partner and me as parents. But for our family, of equal importance was the sense of community and a welcoming environment. With Henderson International School, we had a feeling of inclusion from the day we stepped on campus. This is the environment we want for our children.”

    - John Pinocci, Current Middle School Parent

  • “Henderson’s evaluation of Gabrielle revealed that my five – year – old was reading on a third grade level and she was able to comprehend what she reads at a second grade level. Henderson was the first school that offered Gabrielle a truly nurturing educational environment and my choice was simple: I definitely wanted her to experience all that Henderson International School had to offer. Thankfully, I have not been disappointed!”

    - Yaa Obeng, Current Lower School parent

  • “After the review of my daughter's HIS school transcript in the subject of math, and her high scores on her math placement test, Mia has been placed in honors Geometry, the highest level of math for high school freshmen and she is doing very well. Mia has also been placed in honors English, and is at the top of her class in the subjects of Social Science and Spanish.”

    - Aneta Mackovski, parent of HIS alumna

  • “From the drone competition and 3D printing to providing violin lessons, Henderson International is teaching students the critical thinking skills necessary to enter professions that have not yet been created and to use technology that has not yet been invented.”

    - Erika A. Christensen '04, Director of Development, UNLV

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