The Henderson International School Difference

Henderson International School delivers an academically-rich environment, personalized for each student, building critical-thinking skills and creating exciting hands-on experiences that prepare students for success in college and beyond.

You'll sense a warm and positive energy when you visit our campus, because we focus on collaboration and community here, from our preschool through middle school.

Our balanced and robust education honors and celebrates student achievement not only in academics, but also in community service, athletics, arts, and citizenship.

Global Education Curriculum

Cultural Enrichment

At Henderson International School, we understand the importance of cultural enrichment for our students. We are proud to offer a world class global education experience to all our students. We offer expanded curriculum that fosters international connections and provides opportunities for international collaboration.

Cultural enrichment starts as early as preschool. Our preschool program includes cultural exploration lessons in which members of our diverse school community share their home countries’ food, music, traditional clothing and dance, photos, flags, maps, and a variety of other items with our young students. We also exchange “culture boxes” with other preschools around the world, allowing our students to share their own culture and see toys and items used by children in foreign countries. Our unique pen pal program partners our kinder students with 1st graders from Puerto Rico so they may share letters written in Spanish and English to practice their foreign language skills. We also host a schoolwide International Week in January that includes deep research into foreign and historical societies, explores dance and art traditions, and allows our students to practice presentation skills as they share what they’ve learned.

To ensure we are incorporating proven best practices within the school, all curricula are developed from a global perspective which results in students receiving a world-class international education. Through our various cultural enrichment opportunities, students learn how to become global citizens.

Differentiation is a state-of-the-art teaching technique that helps teachers to ignite the potential in every student. Classes are divided into small groups, with each group receiving a learning task that challenges and inspires them to grow their knowledge and skills to reach the next level in their learning.

Our small class sizes and personalized, differentiated, small-group instruction to provide an academic experience unlike any other in Nevada.

Personalized Education

At Henderson International School, we focus on delivering the best personalized educational experience possible. We ensure each and every student is progressing in line with, or above, expectations.

That’s why every student works hand-in-hand with his or her teacher to develop a Personal Learning Plan (PLP). The PLP uses data to identify goals and set action plans for both academic growth and enrichment aligned to each student’s talents and passions.

Academic Growth

Our teachers are trained to identify each student's academic challenges and set goals that address those areas.

The student, the teacher and the parents then create a strategy for reaching those goals.

Academic Enrichment

Our teachers also identify an area of demonstrated strength or interest for every student and assign specific activities that challenge the student in that area. Key questions include:

  • Is this something about which the student is passionate?
  • Is it specific and concrete?
  • Does it have measurable benchmarks so that it can be completed, presented and judged?
  • Will its completion give the student a sense of accomplishment?
  • Does the project allow the student to apply higher-order reasoning to his or her topic?
  • Does the plan have clear expectations to help guide the student?
The Purpose

As a result of our personalized education approach, our students are motivated to expand their capabilities, are challenged at the appropriate level and learn to assume responsibility for their own learning. 

Engaging Academics

Critical Thinking is the acquired higher-order skill of gathering, organizing, testing and using information. It's a key component of every class at Henderson.

We challenge our students to think and harness the power of their knowledge. This skill will serve them well in college and in life. With our focus on critical thinking skills and hands-on, engaging experiences, our program prepares students to be lifelong learners. 

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